Artemisia vulgaris

Sometimes overlooked for more “flashy” herbs in this current day, mugwort is still a favorite of wise women. Mugwort has an affinity for the female reproductive system and is used as a uterine stimulant that can bring on delayed menstruation and help restore a woman’s natural monthly cycle. 1
As all the bitter herbs, mugwort is an excellent digestive stimulant and is quite effective taken before or after heavy meals to alleviate gas and bloating.
One of the more interesting traditional uses of mugwort is that of a dream herb. It is often used as one of the main ingredients in sleep pillows, and it said to bring the dreamer more lucid dreams. Mugwort is also often used as a smudging (burning) ceremonial herb. It is mildly sedative and useful in calming frayed nerves and easing stress. A combination of agrimony, mugwort and vinegar is an excellent treatment for sciatica or muscular stiffness.
Actions: Nervine, Antispasmotic, emmenagogue, diuretic, uterine stimulant, digestive stimulant
Uses: Delayed menses, Menstrual cramps especially associated with tension, Connecting to dreamtime and intuitions
Dosage: tincture- 10 drops 1-2x/day, Tea- 1 tsp per 1c H20, Smudge stick, sachet by bedside, infused oil for massage.

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