G r o w t h

The act of gathering and sorting seeds will always be one of my favorite things. To return in the spring to the box of labeled bags and jars of little seeds gathered last summer and fall, visions of the abundance ahead.
The tangible satisfaction of seeds in your hands and fingers (I swear there is a little dance of joy that happens between them!)
The ancient remembering of this exchange between human and plant.
The quietness of the action, but the immense importance of the intention- whether to share the seeds, or to sustain yourself and family by seasonally regrowing.. In this case, these seeds are connection to my ancestors too, basil, cilantro, hot peppers. In our recipes you can feel the magic and the medicine in thier veins for centuries. I think of them now as sort through my collection. Some pepper seeds given to me by my grandmother that have been sewn, and collected year after year and shared between family. And these burdock seeds, collected 2 years ago from a place I made forts as a kid. Burdock has been such a delicious food and nutritive Ally for me.
More than how we can use plants, I’ve come to realize more and more the reciprocity that is required in the dialogue, giving them thier space in the garden, watching with joy as theyre visited by pollinators and completing thier life cycles, and always asking permission to use them. (sometimes I get a strong No, and I have to respect that too). And the most special, wonderful, incredible gift in the whole world is getting to introduce these processes and plant friends to my daughter. •

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