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Peace On Earth Begins With Birth 

I am here as a gentle guide, a professional resource and a neutral support person. I bring with me my heart, my ancestors, my professional intuition, and all of the tools I’ve picked up throughout the last decade of training and experience. Although I was trained formally as a doula, my biggest teachers were my own child and my own sacred womb.

I appreciate self-directed birthing folks who rely on themselves primarily for research, learning, and information. I love to present resources, research and share my experience as a natural pregnancy and natural birthing mama with you. In the end, it is your baby and birth. Your choices must be made on your own solid intuition, understanding, and reasoning.

I trust in your intelligence, intuition, and capacity for being present in your childbearing experience.

Being born into a peaceful, calm, loving and comfortable environment with ease is the greatest gift we can give to our newborns. The way a baby is born will greatly affect their ability to thrive, their growth, development, sensitivity, and their overall health and happiness. Our intentions and actions ultimately co-create our present and our future.

What is a doula?

The word Doula means, “to mother the mother.” A doula assists a laboring mother by helping to avoid unnecessary interventions and complications, acknowledging the mothers needs and honoring her desired birth experience, providing emotional and physical support during labor, and offering holistic prenatal and postpartum care. Women do not need ‘help’ to birth their babies but they do need support, encouragement and service. Wherever and however you choose to birth, a doula will respond to your physical and emotional needs with skillful intuition, gentleness, and strength, reminding you that you can do this!

About Sarah

Sarah is a DONA trained full spectrum Doula, and Clinical Herbalist specializing in holistic reproductive health. She is passionate about empowered birth, strengthening our communities, and supporting families through their childbearing year. She looks to the plants as medicine and our natural environment as a teacher. She loves knitting, crafting, books and babies. As an herbalist, Sarah will assess your specific constitution and needs to optimize and support the healing process, as well as provide relief from common discomforts during pregnancy, labor and postpartum. As a doula, Sarah supports women in labor and birth, at home, in a hospital, or a birth center. She will travel to the family’s home for continuous labor, birth and postpartum support, provide nourishing meals, herbal support, and anything else which will serve the new family. Sarah encourages natural birth but supports parents in any way they choose to birth their babies, helping them to release their fears and feel empowered. Sarah also provides a way for families to find support in their local community and provide excellent resources for pregnancy and childbirth.

Herbal Support for Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum

As an herbalist, I will assess your specific constitution and needs to optimize and support the healing process, as well as provide relief from common discomforts during pregnancy, labor and postpartum.  I provide customized herbal preparations such as teas, tinctures and glycerites, oils for massage, nourishing herbal syrups and powders, mineral and electrolyte rich drinks during labor, aromatherapy spritzers and oil blends, sitz baths, compresses, nutritional suggestions and more.

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